New York Convention

Court Decisions

The court decisions interpreting and applying the New York Convention are published in the Yearbook Commercial Arbitration since its Volume I (1976).  They are also available online at  To date, more than 1,700 court decisions have been published.  

Each court decision is assigned a unique number in the Yearbook (e.g., "US 503").  The reasoning of each decision is indexed by subject matters ("Topics", e.g., "¶ 105") and paragraph number (e.g., "US 503 (sub 4)").  Those data appear in the "chapeau" of each court decision as reported in the Yearbook and online at

The tools below are intended to make the decisions easily accessible.

List of Topics | Description

A Commentary by Albert Jan van den Berg has appeared regularly in the Yearbook.  The court decisions interpreting and applying the Convention are analysed and compared in the Commentary in the sequence of the Topics, which in turn follow the sequence of the Convention's provisions.  This tool allows you to quickly understand a particular issue that has arisen under the Convention in practice. (Earlier Commentaries will be consolidated in the new edition of Prof. van den Berg's book on the 1958 New York Arbitration Convention ("NYAC II"))

The description, the Annotated list of Topics, can be found here.

List of Topics | Decisions per Topic

This list is a consolidation of the annual Indexes, prepared by d.ssa Silvia Borelli.  The Indexes have the same sequence of Topics as the Commentary.  For each Topic, all relevant court decisions are listed.  The Topic List consolidates all cases since the start of their publication in the Yearbook in Volume I (1976).  The Topic List is hyperlinked to  This list is probably the most useful research tool as it provides quick access to all court decisions that are relevant to any particular issue ("Topic") that has arisen under the Convention in practice.

The New York Convention List of Topics research tool can be accessed here.

Decisions per Country

This list contains the above-mentioned court decisions interpreting and applying the Convention, listed per country.  For each country, the court decisions are listed on the basis of the unique number assigned to them in the Yearbook.  The Country List is useful for full references of the court decisions as well as for getting an overview of the court decisions on the Convention in a particular country.

The Topic List, listed per country, can be accessed here.